What is better .925 silver or sterling silver? | The Gold Gods

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What is better .925 silver or sterling silver?

What is better .925 silver or sterling silver? | The Gold Gods

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925 silver and sterling silver are essentially the same thing. The term "925 silver" refers to the purity of the silver used in jewelry or other silver items, while "sterling silver" is a widely recognized term for this type of silver.

Here's what each term means:
925 Silver: This term indicates that the silver used in an item is 92.5% pure silver, with the remaining 7.5% typically composed of other metals, usually copper. The reason for this alloying is to improve the metal's durability and strength, as pure silver is relatively soft and can be prone to damage. The "925" is a hallmark used to confirm the silver's purity.

Sterling Silver: Sterling silver is a term that has been used for centuries to describe silver items that meet a specific standard of purity. The standard for sterling silver is, in fact, 92.5% silver content, which aligns with the 925 silver standard.

In summary, both "925 silver" and "sterling silver" refer to silver items with the same level of purity, and they are used interchangeably in the jewelry and silverware industries to describe high-quality silver products. When you see either of these terms, it means that the item is made from a silver alloy that is 92.5% pure silver.