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Where does the name Figaro Chain Comes From?

Figaro Gold Chain

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The name "Figaro chain" is believed to have originated from the opera "The Marriage of Figaro," which was composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart with a libretto by Lorenzo Da Ponte. The opera is based on the stage comedy by Pierre Beaumarchais.

The Figaro chain is known for its distinctive pattern of links, which consists of three smaller circular links followed by one elongated oval link, repeating in a specific sequence. This pattern is reminiscent of the complexity and interconnectedness of the characters and plot in "The Marriage of Figaro."

While the exact historical origins of the name are not entirely clear, it is widely accepted that the Figaro chain's name was inspired by the opera. The chain's design became popular in jewelry during the 18th century, around the time when the opera gained prominence, and the name has been associated with this chain style ever since.

The Figaro chain remains a classic and popular choice for jewelry, known for its unique and attractive pattern of links.