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Introducing Italian Silver and Vermeil: The Newest Addition to The Gold Gods Collection

Introducing Italian Silver and Vermeil: The Newest Addition to The Gold Gods Collection

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The Gold Gods is a brand that has always valued quality and affordability. Those can be challenging to balance sometimes, but The Gold Gods has done it for over ten years.

That’s an impressive track record. But even more impressive is the fact that the brand is continually striving to discover new ways to bring customers the quality and value they’ve been looking for.

Now, the company is really shaking things up with two new materials — Italian silver and gold vermeil. It’s still offering the same solid gold and gold-plated jewelry as before, but these brand-new options are expanding the lineup.

Customers can choose from hundreds of length, width, and style options. If you’re looking for a bold Cuban link, an understated rope chain, or anything in between, you’ll find it with The Gold Gods.

But what exactly are Italian silver and gold vermeil?

Italian silver might sound like a cool new alloy, but it doesn’t actually denote a specific type of silver. Sometimes called Italian sterling silver, Italian silver is made in Italy. Italian craftsmanship is generally regarded as some of the finest craftsmanship in the jewelry world.

When you buy an Italian silver necklace, bracelet, or other type of jewelry, you aren’t just buying an ordinary silver piece — you’re buying a work of art made with the utmost attention to detail.

Gold vermeil, on the other hand, is a specific material. To make a piece of gold vermeil, a jewelry maker takes a base metal and coats it with gold. That might sound like gold plating at first, but gold vermeil is designed to be far more durable.

Jewelry sold as “gold plated” usually has a gold coating with a thickness of 0.5 microns. Vermeil jewelry has a gold coating with a thickness of about 2.5 microns. Because the coating on vermeil is five times thicker than the coating on gold-plated jewelry, vermeil pieces tend to be better equipped to handle the stresses of everyday life.

There’s another key difference between these two as well. Usually, gold-plated jewelry is made with a very inexpensive base metal like copper or brass. Gold vermeil pieces almost always have a higher-quality base metal. For instance, the gold vermeil pieces made by The Gold Gods use a base of 0.925 Italian sterling silver.

Essentially, gold vermeil is a material that meets customers in the middle — if you’d prefer something higher quality than gold-plated jewelry but would rather avoid the high price of solid gold, gold vermeil is perfect.

Even a quick scan through The Gold Gods’ new collection shows you there’s something for everyone. You’ll find Cuban chains, Franco chains, Figaro chains, and rope chains in various lengths. There’s also a range of other jewelry types, from tennis bracelets to stud chain earrings.

The Gold Gods already had a diverse catalog of offerings. With the addition of Italian silver and gold vermeil, they’ll be able to delight longtime customers and win over new ones.

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