We just dropped 3 new chain styles: the Cuban Link, the Herringbone, and the Snake Box styles. Extremely limited supplies are available, so make sure you reserve yours before it's to late. Save 20% on your purchase when you enter discount code "BLOG" at checkout.

- The Gold Gods

We put together this little video trailer featuring The Micro Angel Piece for your pleasure. Enjoy:


What's going on fellow Gold Gods and Goddesses,

After having a huge month and going on back order on several products, we are happy to say we have restocked all items, including the Micro Jesus Piece, Micro Angel Piece, Lion Head, Pharaoh and Medusa Head pendants.

With this restock, we are also moving The Gold Gods into some retail locations across the US, including 2 major streetwear retailers, more details will be disclosed in the next couple months.

Shoutout to all those who have made a purchase, we hope you are happy with your purchase and be sure to share some pics on our social media pages: Facebook, Instagram.

- The Gold Gods

We are proud to announce our latest pieces, the Micro Angel Piece and the Cobra Head Piece. Each hand crafted with superior quality and detail, we dare you to try and find a better piece at any price level.


Enter discount code "BLOG" for 20% off your total order and as always, free international shipping.



- The Gold Gods

We are pleased to announce our latest pendant release. The Mighty Cobra Head! Be on the look out for this piece along with our Micro Angel Piece dropping within the next week.

Also, start looking for The Gold Gods to be in stores near you. We have some big plans for the new year and appreciate all of the fans and supporters we have gained along the way.


- The Gold Gods

The Micro Angel Pendant is quickly becoming a huge hit amongst the hip hop elite. Popularized by artist like Fabolous and many more have been seen rocking this hip hop chain. We have been busy crafting the perfect mold for our new Micro Angel Piece. Crafted with 18k PVD ion gold plating


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- The Gold Gods

We have just dropped our custom Pharaoh Head Necklace just in time for Cyber Monday. The detail on this piece is amazing, and if you do your research on similar pieces, you will quickly find that this piece can't be rivaled with any competitor.

As a bonus for reading this post, enter discount code "BLOG" at checkout for an extra 20% off your order plus free shipping.

- The Gold Gods

The Lion Head and Medusa Necklace are now available for sale on the site. We are placing them on sale for just $69 along with the rest of our products. Don't be fooled by the low prices, these are some high quality pieces that demand respect.

As a plus for reading this post, Enter discount code "BLOG" for 20% off your total order!

New Pieces coming very soon!

November 15, 2013

We will be dropping 4 new styles within the next couple weeks, just wait till you see what we got in store next.. Our four new pieces include the Pharaoh Head Necklace, Lion Head Necklace, Medusa Head Necklace and Versace inspired angel necklace.

In the mean time, we have almost sold out of our Micro Jesus Pieces already! Thanks to everyone who purchased. We will be restocking those within the next couple weeks as well.

- The Gold Gods

New Lookbook Photos

November 05, 2013

We just cooked up some fresh product photos for you guys, you can check them out below. We would also like to thank everyone who has made a purchase! The first round of shipments have gone out and you will be receiving them in the next couple days!